Emgann - socialist movement of national liberation - works so that Brittany finds its political independence, and to promote the social and cultural rights of the Breton people, within the framework of self-determination.



Why independence ?

With the passing of years, we largely showed that our combat is firstly that of our Breton compatriots which fight in their companies for their employment and justice social, which mobilize for development economic of our country with service of all and in respect of our inheritance natural, which fights for the defense of our language and our culture, which militate with the daily newspaper for the right to live decently on their premises, in Brittany. We always indicated our adversaries: the French State centralizer and denier of the People and the capitalist system with its misadventures productivist néo-liberals.

That known as without putting our " Gwenn ha du " in our pocket we were not those which claimed that it is enough to change flag so that the men and the women of Brittany are finally free in the individual and collective plan. And if it is true that we line up in the independence camp, we never located the political debate in Brittany on that only ground.

Independence is legitimate.

If one admit that the Brittany exist as people and nation distinct, it be legitimate that one fight for its sovereignty with the instar some many other people of world which have know preserve their independence during their history or that they have obtain it after a fight of release national. The fact of being Breton should not deprive to us of the rights that the others have or in other words, we are not Bretons but undoubtedly French alive in a geographical space called Brittany.

Moreover, is it necessary to point out that we knew already independence, that one even which was confiscated to us after a military defeat? The centuries will not change anything with this historical truth.

Independence is realistic.

From the economic point of view, it is not contestable by anybody that Brittany has all the assets of a country able to be managed in all independence. Our country is well more than the " pantry " of France. Its size is comparable with that of the Netherlands, of Belgium, of Denmark, of Israel. Its geographical situation with the point of Europe east one of best of the world. Its climate, its maritime frontages, its agricultural potential, are at the same time the allies and the fruits of People whose rooting, dynamism and opening are not any more to show.

Realism is statement " Brittany cannot manage without France " without never saying why. But the lack of realism be well to justify the situation of dependence current which we make believe that we be offset in a State centralize which in more we deprive of fifth of our territory and, therefore, of third of our potential economic! Famous " the Breton problem " does not exist. Only exists a French problem in Brittany.

Independence is possible.

Whereas much at one time considered the access to an unspecified independence, like a dream suitable to occupy the ends of banquets, never the history with put to us this dish so close with the range of the hand. Without speaking about did the Algerian independence of 1962, how much country and people acquire it since the last war and sit since at UNO? More close to us, in Europe, the recent events showed that there was nothing final and that the lead covers of the most totalitarian empires ended up yielding. From the Ukraine in Latvia, from Slovaquie in Slovénie, several tens of " small " nations come during these last years if not of these last months, often against any waiting, to release themselves and to be recognized like populates independent within the International Community. This historical movement which points out another end of century curiously, XIXème century, soon will touch people even closer to us. The Basques who express per tens of thousands, behind streamers claiming self-determination, the Scot which claim independent Scotland in Europe, the Catalans who affirm themselves openly walks from there towards independence, the Corsicans who henceforth put ahead the principle of national sovereignty, without forgetting the Flemings who soon will forget that they had been Belgian once!

The Bretons ones do they may find it beneficial not to seize this historical opportunity which is offered to them?


independence is necessary.

To change of framework institutional in pass of statute of community regional with four department and a super prefect with that of country independent equip of its clean government indicate by the people, be enough not in oneself to modify like by a waving of a magic wand de magic wand the reality socio-economic and cultural of our country, nor the daily newspaper of Breton. The abrogation of the unemployment and the precariousness of employment, the end of the social injustices are not issued more than the economic revival or the cultural alarm clock. Undoubtedly. Remain that it would be more effective to decide on our premises measures to be taken in all the fields than to wait than Paris wants to lend the ear to it well. The principal reason holds in the fact that we do not have the same interests and that they are often contradictory. The emigration of the young people, low wages, all-tourism, the disappearance of our farmers and maintaining our fishermen, as many disasters which are not inescapable. They are the consequence of political choices which serve the interests of the French State and the multinationals.

Independence would enable us to defend to us same the interests of our people in the European and international authorities instead of entrusting them to ministers who serve only the " higher interest " of France. In les field of agriculture and some fishing, one see well how what make our potential economic be sell off on the furnace bridge of the interest common with Brussels and elsewhere, whereas the people which lay out some representative to them defend arrive to draw their pin of play in obtain some mode special or derogatory.

What is true from the economic point of view is true as much within the framework of the fight against unemployment and exclusion social, the defense of our coasts and our natural inheritance, the cultural and linguistic policy. That would have avoided us going to whine for a statute of official language or by the ratification of a European charter!


Independence what it is not.

Independence is not autonomy. This concept, which lost its original direction, is related to a situation of dependence which maintains people under the political domination of a State, which grants certain rights to him intern all while depriving it of essence: freedom. Autonomous Brittany is a lure insofar as France is not historically a community of people which voluntarily agreed to gather as in a federation, but a state resulting from a monarchical system denier of these same people. Autonomy is very often only one stage transitory which falls like a ripe fruit at the time of the functioning of people towards his independence. If it can be good to take, it can of nothing constitute a long-term objective.

Independence is not autarky. Brittany, maritime country, are sufficiently open on the world never not to be tempted to fold up itself on itself. Its prosperity of formerly and its development (unequal) current, it owes them with its exchanges with outside. Independence would enable us to increase these international relations towards the west and the south whereas the current dependence locks up us in economic relations almost only turned towards France and always supervised by Paris.


Independence in Europe of the People.

Independence will confer on Brittany and to our people a political and legal framework recognized at the international level and in very first place on the European plan. Europe that we want is not that of the referendum on the Treaty of Maastricht which was not subjected to us as people, like the Danes or the Irishmen (except North) but as a citizen of a state that we refuse. Europe could be beneficial only insofar as our existence is recognized like populates freely deciding to join, to cooperate and exchange or not with others at the international level.


Independence with the Breton people.

Independence could not be declared by a handle of individuals who would have self-proclaimed leaders of their people without the assent of this last. It is on the contrary the fruit of a massive and major awakening within the whole of our compatriots. It is not an end in itself but a political objective in a project of individual and collective release. It cannot be defined as a preliminary in its real contents in measurement or it is not a group to decide in the place of people. But it is well the vocation of a political movement to make the proposals which seem to him right so that each one is determined with complete freedom.



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